Nous publions ici les articles au format pdf issus du workshop L'eau est dans l'air. En anglais uniquement.
Nous avons conservé l'ordre dans lequel les interventions ont été faites.

We are publishing here the articles in pdf format from the Water is in the Air Workshop. In English only.
We have kept the order in which the presentations were done.

Introduction, Samuel Bordreuil, Roger Malina, President Leonardo/Olats, member of the IMéRA Steering Committee

Water is in the Air, Annick Bureaud, Director Leonardo/Olats

Session 1: Waves – Moderator Roger Malina

"Waves", Javiera Tejerina-Risso, Artist & Patrice Le Gal, DR CNRS in Hydrodynamics, IRPHE, Aix-Marseille Université

Durance River Interlaced Waters : Art-Science Collaborations and Audiovisual Research, Jacques Sapiéga, Director, SATIS

Discussion Session 1
with Javiera Tejerina-Risso, Patrice Legal and Jacques Sapiéga, moderator Roger Malina

Session 2 : Man Made Clouds & Turbulences – Moderator Nathalie Delprat

"Fleur de Lys", Heiko Hansen (HeHe), Artist

The "Pumping Art". The Science and Art of Sculpturing Fluids: A Discussion of Ten Realizations, Jean-Marc Chomaz, Chair of the Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique (Ladhyx), Ecole Polytechnique

Discussion Session 2
with Heiko Hansen and Jean-Marc Chomaz, moderator Nathalie Delprat

Session 3 : Beyond Water Moderator, Victoria Vesna

Works, Peter Richards, Artist

Water in the Air: Sprays, Aerosols and Raindrops, Emmanuel Villermaux, Professor at Aix-Marseille University and Institut Universitaire de France

Discussion Session 3
with Peter Richards and Emmanuel Villermaux, moderator Victoria Vesna

Session 4 : Cloudy – Moderator, Annick Bureaud

The Anti-entropic Role of Art, Ana Rewakowicz, Artist Article Ana RewakowiczArticle PDF

Being in Clouds Is No Good To Me, Harold Vasselin, Artist

Walking Clouds and Augmented Reverie, Nathalie Delprat, Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris and researcher at LIMSI (Laboratoire d'Informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences de l'Ingénieur), Orsay Article Nathalie DelpratArticle PDF

"Paparuda", Monsieur Moo, Artist

Discussion Session 4
with Ana Rewakowicz, Harold Vasselin, Nathalie Delprat and Monsieur Moo, moderator Annick Bureaud

Session 5 : Beyond Water (2)Moderator, Patrice Le Gal

4th State of Water, Victoria Vesna, Artist

"Memory Vapor", Dmitry Gelfand (Synergetica), Artist Article Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry GelfandArticle PDF

STEM to STEAM: Intimate Science and Water, Roger Malina, President Leonardo/Olats, member of the IMéRA Steering Committee

Closing Discussion, moderator, Samuel Bordreuil

Respondent, Claudine Dussollier, International Cooperation Manager, ZINC